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Aldridge House Dental PracticeAldridge House Dental Practice
3.4 Stars - Based on User Reviews
stoff manstoff man

I have been coming here for a few years now and can not fault the service. The dentists are very professional and friendly. Got referred for a wisdom tooth removal which was done at Birmingham dental hospital The referral was done so quickly. I now take my daughter there as she was nervous about visiting the dentist but feels relaxed here. Can't understand the bad reviews about desk staff as I have always found them very friendly and professional.

Claire GwynneClaire Gwynne

New dentist I signed up to as moved house. Had initial appointment with a rude dentist who refused to make a referral to the dental hospital for my wisdom tooth til next appt. Had to cancel next one due to sickness and the next appt as rearranged appt was at the same time as a meeting a work I could not rearrange. I rushed to my arranged appointment and was 10mins late. I was told that I had missed my appt and I will have to find another dentists! I told them I had a lot going on and work and sorry for being late, however told to find a new dentist. The fact that on my initial appt I had to wait 25mins after my appt seemed to be fine??? But I was late and it was out you go!
Sorry for working, sorry for being poorly, sorry for being 10mins late! No thought at all. Think you should think about how to treat people!

Lisa SullivanLisa Sullivan

Not the outcome I personally wanted since it would be with required ongoing treatment and a trip to hospital but through no fault of the dentist, overall felt it was a very relaxed atmosphere but treated professionally and advised appropriately! As far as dentists go and I’ve never been a huge fan, I felt relaxed, in a calm environment and must put that down to the staff! And for the lady on reception at 1.30pm who had a incident prior to my arrival, you personally made me feel welcome with a lovely meet and greet smile so I hope this makes your own day a little better 😊

Tracy HooperTracy Hooper

Lovely staff very friendly and everything is explained to to before any treatment. Even the children like going 😁

Haliena BrownHaliena Brown

Receptionists are rude. They talk (badly) about patients after they've hung up or gone into the dentists office. I'm not sure whether they think that desk is a noise blocker or they just don't care. Was supposed to be referred two years ago to get my wisdom teeth out, called up never was referred (was told by many it was up to two year wait) was laughed at when I said I'd waited and TRUSTED that they did they're job. It's a shame because the dentists that work there are really good, but the front staff put a lot of people off. A long wait time past appointment time every time you go, hence the time to listen to the receptionists moan about there job, break, and people.

Neil Spencer-jonesNeil Spencer-jones

The two ladies on reception are the stars of the show ,the terrible twins , they put you at you ease and make you welcome , was fitted in today for a tooth issue and the lady that sorted me out was super as my usual dentist was not in , was sad that Anita has left but the practise is clean and friendly with a great team

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Angie AngelAngie Angel

Clean great friendly helpful dental surgery would recommend to everyone

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Jane HoulstonJane Houlston

Not been to dentist for a few years but I have had to have a tooth out today and would like to thank Palvi for being so kind, understanding and patient with me. Such a great practice would recommend to anyone thanks �

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Lynn StuartLynn Stuart

Lovely, friendly reception staff and excellent, caring dentists who put you at ease from the moment you go in. Would highly recommend Aldridge House Dental Practice.

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Thomas TompkinsThomas Tompkins

Was in a total state... couldn't get in anywhere else... appointment booked.... (swiftly)
They (Anita) put a smile back on my face.
Very greatful... thank you... highly recommended.

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Ruth AllenRuth Allen

Have been into the practice this morning, had a tooth extraction. Helen on reception was very helpful. My dentist Jas was amazing. I cannot thank her enough for the care and patience I received

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Stuart WilliamsStuart Williams

Been using the practice for some years now. Went for my regular 6 monthly check up at the dentist yesterday. Usually I get there bang on time at 8am or early and have to wait 10 to 15 minutes to be seen. Fair enough it's the first appointment. Got caught up in traffic after dropping my daughter off at school and arrived 5 mins late. There was only one person on reception and the gentleman in front of me took a while to sort out an issue by which time it was 8.15. I booked in for my appointment and was told that as I was 15 minutes late the dentist may not be able to see me. I pointed out that I had been standing there for 10 minutes and the receptionist had looked at me several times while serving the other guy. He said he would see what he could do. The next minute my dentist (who is really nice) came out and invited me into the treatment room. At which point the receptionist got up and followed us into the treatment room and acted as dental assistant. So presumably we couldn't have started any earlier anyway as he was dealing with me. The dentists are very good here but the reception staff may benefit from some customer service training as it appears they can be a little over officious and unwelcoming.

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Ellen DaviesEllen Davies

The receptionists are second to none..
I had to come in for a tooth extraction as I was in a lot off pain, they gt me in asap and the denist was so nice

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Nigel Bryan John WalkerNigel Bryan John Walker

love care u give me great wot she do ad she lovely lady she look after u

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Trace HooperTrace Hooper

Fantastic service from all the staff. All very pleasant. Got explained what was happening and kept being asked if I was OK. Would recommend this dentist. Thank you

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Lu Michelle TaylorLu Michelle Taylor

I used to be the manager here and have continued to go back for my own dental care. I went yesterday to have preparation for two inlays. The dentist who I now see was thorough, gentle and explained everything to me. Despite being in the dental trade I am still a nervous patient but I have to say I was totally put at ease! Thanks guys for continuing to provide my care!

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